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HANYS Benefit Services Partners with CyberScout on Identity Theft Protection Services

HBS expands employee benefits offerings to protect employees from the consequences of identity theft HANYS Benefit Services is pleased to announce our partnership with CyberScout, a leading identity management and data theft services company. CyberScout delivers valuable prevention education, proactive protection services, and swift and appropriate incident remediation for more than 17.5 million households and more than 770,000 businesses. The hidden cost of identity theft to employees and employers: When identity thieves take advantage of employees’ stolen personal information to obtain credit or loans, or to commit various types of fraud, both employees and employers pay a steep price. For example, victims: need 165 hours, on average, to resolve identity theft;  are absent five times more than average; and use twice as much sick time.

2018 Retirement Services Compliance Calendar and Notices Reminder

HANYS Benefit Services wants to help you stay compliant with the 2018 Retirement Services Compliance Calendar and Notices Reminder . Compliance is just one of many services we provide. HANYS Benefit Services created this document to remind plan administrators of the compliance deadlines and notices required for distribution. If you have any questions regarding compliance requirements or their application to your plan, contact us at (800) 388-1963 or at hbs@