Thursday, October 14, 2021

Enabling the Success of Remote Workers

Remote work is here to stay. What spawned out of necessity during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a must-have for many employees. In fact, 60% of employees said they’d quit rather than return to their in-person offices, according to a Flexjobs survey— only 2% said they’d like to return to in-person work full time. These statistics illustrate how valuable employees find remote working arrangements. 

Here are some tips to help set remote employees up for success:
  • Provide extensive training materials
  • Celebrate remote employees’ success 
  • Check in on remote employees frequently
  • Provide in-person workstations
  • Encourage remote employees to communicate frequently with their direct supervisors 
  • Include remote workers in workplace activities
Remote employees face unique challenges when working from home. Taking a proactive interest in their success can help them feel more included and reduce burnout. Reach out to HBS for remote employee resources that can help in this effort.

Read the Attraction and Retention newsletter to learn more tips for remote worker success, and also how COVID-19 vaccines are impacting employers and the value of upskilling employees. Download your copy today.

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